How does one customize a toolbar in Sketchup Pro 2021

I would like to create custom toolbars in Sketchup but the only item I can find on the subject is a thread last contributed to in 2015. The information I can find says to go to the menu bar select View>Toolbars>Customize. Problem is that there is no Customize selection. When I click on Toolbars it brings up a dialog that lists all of the toolbars which you can turn on or turn off, and you can create a toolbar – a blank toolbar with whatever name you want to give it, But there is no customize button, nor a commands list from which I can select a command to add to my toolbar, or really any toolbar. There is a second tab on this toolbar dialog that is labeled options but all it allows me to do is activate screen tips on toolbars and large icons. There is no customize tab, there is no customize button. Another “solution” is saw was to click on a command from another toolbar and drag it to the toolbar you want to customize … Buzzz wrong. A variation was to do a ctrl+drag a command from another toolbar … Buzzz wrong. As far as I can tell, there is no way to customize a toolbar. I can create a whole bunch of toolbars that have no commands but that seems to be the extent of what I can do. I find it hard to believe that this issue from 2014 has yet to be fixed, though that is exactly what it looks like. This is extremely disappointing and frustrating. Help me ObiWan.

Found it. It’s not ctrl+Drag, it’s Alt+Drag

It is normally ctrl, perhaps you have a different keyboard layout, regional settings etc

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