Customising Sketchup Toolbars

So, I saw on this vid that mac’s can customise their toolbars (add/removed icons to a preexisting toolbar). However, I can’t seem to find an equivalent mechanism on the Windows platform. How would I do this?

You can right-click in the same area as you saw on Mac, and choose Toolbars… Or choose View/Toolbars…

I think that there should be a customize tab, shouldn’t there?

Don’t think so. Those check boxes effectively customize the toolbars. Once they exist, you can then manually drag the different tool sets into different places, or even tear them off to be floating windows.

Where do I get the icons to drag onto the toolbars? On Mac it seems to be View > Customize Toollbar… as can be seen in this vid, View > Toolbars… gives the dialog that I stated above. It’s pretty stupid that this is so difficult on a Windows box. :frowning:

Hmmm. Seems that I need a plugin to create new customised toolbars, which is pretty stupid. This should come right out of the box, but even that one can’t modify existing ones. This is even happening under the paid SU under a trial licence, making it even worse.