Trouble customizing tool bars


I have followed the instructions in the help menu but I do not have the options mentioned. When I click “View” then “Toolbars” I arrive at two choices, one is toobars which allows me to add more toolbars and the other is Options which only allows me to to choose if I want to show screen tips or have large Icons. I would like to be able to add and delete some of the tools in the toolbar. Can I do this? If so how? Thanks so much for the help. This looks like a great program but having trouble setting it up.


On the toolbar section you can create a new toolbar, this allows you to drag other tools to it.
Use ctrl + click to copy each tool from one to the other.


Before someone asks, the techniques @Box shows are Windows-specific. On a Mac, the only toolbar you can customize via the GUI is the one in the top-stripe of the view window.