Tool palettes but no tool bars

In view I only have tool palettes not tool bars. Im going nuts and must be missing some button or maybe im only getting a test version but please god someone help me find all the missing tools?

You’re using SketchUp 2017 on a Mac like your profile says? On Mac toolbars are called tool palettes. It’s only a name difference, though.

What tools are missing?

Gosh, ok. I only have one dimension tool.

Looking at tool bars on line there seems to be hundreds im missing. Is the 2017 mac version limited? Should I upgrade and get everything?

I really appreciate your help Dave

You are possibly being misled by screens showing tool palettes from installed extensions and likely also from seeing Windows SketchUp desktops. There are indeed hundreds of them, but on your SketchUp they aren’t present until you install them. All tool palettes on the Mac are free floating and can be placed anywhere on the screen. They don’t snap to each other and can’t be user-customized as on Windows.

The screen shot you posted is the customization panel for the Mac SketchUp’s one and only toolbar at the top of the window. This is the only toolbar you can customize on Mac. You drag icons from the panel into the toolbar to include them, and drag them off the toolbar to remove them.

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You’re only supposed to have on Dimension tool.

As Steve points out, you are probably seeing tutorials from users who have a bunch of extensions installed. From your screen shot I don’t see any native tools that are missing.

How can i install more? Or maybe i can’t install more on a mac.

Of course you can install more. Go to the Extension Warehouse through the Window menu (or there’s a tool palette button) and install the ones you want. There are more at Sketchucation. What extensions do you think you have to have? Don’t just install extensions to get more tool palettes. There’s no glory in that.

wow thats a harry potter land of options. Thanks so much. What would 2019 version do for me? Is it worth the upgrade and how much does it cost? Thanks again.

There’s little point in asking about SU2019 since the current version is SU2020. If you were to upgrade it would be to 2020. There have been a number of changes and improvements over the years. As for how much it costs, Go to and click on Buy. You should see a link to check your license and it’ll guide you as far as the upgrade cost.