SketchUp Pro 2015 Tools


Hi all,

I have just started using SketchUp Pro 2015 and it seems great and easy, but i watched a few training videos on youtube and they seems to have loads more tools! which i think was a 2008 version!

I have attached a screenshot of my sketchup pro 2015 tools.

Hope someone can help!

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Ben,

What are you looking to do, exactly? You can enable multiple toolbars from the View menu, if all you want to do is show more icons. If there are specific commands you are looking for, let us know!


You might share a link to these training videos you were looking at so we can see the tools you’re seeing. It would be helpful for identifying them.


I have opened up all the tool palettes but don’t seem to have no where near as many as they do on the screenshot


I see the Standard views, Sandbox tools, Camera tools, Solid tools, Solar North, Layers and a number of other standard toolbars plus a lot of duplicated tools because the Large tool set is displayed, too. You seem to be showing duplicates as well. There might be tools from an extension or two but the screen shot is pretty low res so it’s hard to tell.

Are there some there that you want to show?


From your screenshot you are using a Mac whereas the ones in the video you screenshot are Windows. The tool palettes on Mac are slightly different than on Windows. In particular, on Mac they can overlay each other. It is possible you have some open that are hidden under others.


The one i have circled i don’t have any ideas where i can have find?

  • i think i have found it now was in with all the other 3 point arce etc. sorry guys thanks for your help!

PS. Im designing furniture how do i import metal handles etc?



It’s the 2-Point Arc tool. It shows in the toolbar on the left in your first screen shot. The screen shot from the video is from an older version of SU and the tool looks a bit different.


Thanks for your help Dave :+1:


As for importing metal handles, if you search the 3D Warehouse which you can do via the Components window or the Get Models button from the Warehouse tool palette, you might find ones you want. Select them and they should download into your current SketchUp file. Or you can do what I do and draw your own like these:

bail pullCU
simple pull
Hirukan Pull2


Find ones you like on the 3D Warehouse or any other provider of components and import into your model. Just be forewarned that some of the models in the 3DW are very poorly constructed (especially way too much detail for practical use).

Argh! Dave beat me to it (again!)

I usually draw mockups of the exact ones I will use in a particular piece and then save them in my collection for reuse.


slbaumgartner is correct. often you’ll find models in the warehouse that are poorly drawn or drawn with too much detail. Unless you were planning to make molds to cast your own, your hardware models don’t need to be highly detailed to work. For example, the pulls on this low boy are extremely simplistic representations of the actual pulls. The materials list for the project specifies the source and part number so they don’t need to be more detailed than they are.


Thanks guys! that top brass handle looks ace! how do you start making anything like that? Do you have to do it in a certain order? i can do basics but like skirting moulds and detailed bits i can’t really do well.


Thank you.

There’s generally a “certain order” to doing anything. I started that one by drawing the back plate. Then I drew the posts and finally added the bail to fit between. The exact process varies from piece to piece and you have to work out what makes sense for what you’re drawing. That takes practice and experience.

Skirting moulds and other detailed bits aren’t really difficult but they go much more easily if you have a very solid handle on using the tools. SketchUp is much like woodworking in that respect.