Where are all the menus?

Hi all. I just upgraded from SketchUp Free to SketchUp pro, however I’m still not seeing all the pro tools and menus. When I watch tutorials on youtube or look for answers on the forums, I always see very robust toolbars and menus with options I can’t even find in my instance of SketchUp.

I’ve been using SketchUp free for years, so I’m not a complete noob. I know that I’m running Pro 22, as some of the Pro options are there (export to 2d and 3d model, for example).

Can anyone help?

“View > Toolbars…”

• SketchUp Help: Customizing Your Workspace: Viewing and customizing toolbars

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View Menu → Tool palettes

Check “Large Tool set” and “Solid Tools”

Right click on the toolbar at the top of the modelling window and choose the last choice “Customize toolbars …”.

Add all the tools that you need. Don’t add those that are already in the two previously mentioned tool sets. Don’t add those that you think you will not need immediately to avoid too much clutter on your screen. You can add more tools later.

You can also add plugins, giving you more tools using the Extension Warehouse. Don’t abuse at first. Practice first with the basic tool. This is just a suggestion.

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Thank you!