I can't find a cmd to open a toolbar

I just got a HP Presario C700 laptop, win7 home 32bit. I just installed Sketchup and I can’t find the cmd to get the side tool bar back up that is in the screen capture bellow in the red box. I had the side tool bar there on the other laptop that I was using before.


View>Tool Palettes>Large Tool Set.

If you’re going to use that toolbar you might as well get rid of the redundant tools across the top. View> Customize Toolbar and drag the redundant ones off the top row.

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I am newbee to Sketchup and the last install on the other laptop had both tool bars after install. thanks for the info.


DaveR I looked at the “View” pull down menu and I didn’t see anything saying “tool Palettes”. I am using the free version of Sketchup Make #16.1.1450. I found it under view > toolbar > It opens a Windows toolbox with a bunch of names with check box’s next to them. I checked the box marked “large tool set” and Walala it is there. The way you typed “View>Tool Palettes>Large Tool Set.” I was looking for “tool palettes” in the view pull down menu. Though the wording you typed in was a bit off. You got me pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the help on that cmd.

My apologies. The wording was off because I thought you were using a Mac. The screen shot you posted showing the tool bar is from a Mac.

Nope. I am strictly a Windows user. I had a devil of a time when I started into rooting my 1st Android smart cell phone. (A ZTE Warp 4G). I also had trouble with the Mac computer at my Church when I 1st started doing the video production. I am one of the video/audio tech’s there. The screen capture picture that I made the setup drawing on was a screen caprure from one of the lesson plains on the Sketchup web page. I guess that the lesson video was done on a Mac. I didn’t know there was a dif between the Mac and Windows version’s