I accidentally pulled my Large Tool Set from the SketchUp Pro window. Help putting it back?

I accidentally pulled the Large Tool Set off of the SketchUp window and now it’s permanently it’s own tray/window. I do not like it and I cannot figure out how to put it back. I figured that for $300 a year there would be live Customer Support and I got sent to a forum instead. So, does anyone here know how to fix it? I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling, but thought I might lose my 30 day free trial, which I need in order to determine whether or not this is the software for me.

You should be able to simply drag the toolbar back to the left edge of the window and drop it in place.

Thank you. I tried that a few times with no luck. After I read your reply, I tried again in total frantic frustration. After jabbing it vigorously at the left side several times like a lunatic, it went back to it’s original place. Cheers to beginner’s madness.

It shouldn’t take jabbing it like a lunatic but maybe you were just holding your mouth wrong. At least it’s sorted.

Eventually as you get used to using SketchUp you’ll likely find you want to replace that Large Toolset with specific toolbars or, as I’ve done, create custom toolbars to replace them. I leave off tools I rarely or don’t use to open up screen real estate for other toolbars that I do want to have displayed.

I always find this somewhat amusing, we regularly see people who complain about the lack of an offshore call center using a script, or paid employees, well meaning but somewhat indifferent that have been trained with a similar script in an effort to troubleshoot their issues, but they have to suffer through a dedicated forum of users that can answer just about any question, many with custom videos and often within minutes. I know which I prefer. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have either slammed the phone down or just quietly hung up mid sentence when talking to ‘Help’ desks.

By the way, a simple double click on the toolbars title bar will return it to its default location.


thanks, new to me, there’s always seems a gem for every time reading the forum

It works for most toolbars, or at least it puts them back where they last were. I use it regularly when I make a gif, I can drag the toolbar into the recording frame then just double tap to put it back. Works with trays too. Its pretty much just the normal behavior for windows dialogs.

only used it to toggle size, did not realize the position changed too, probably never realize that, so using it with dialog windows in programs was never considered.

still a good pick up, saves mucking around to restore

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The response I got for my minor issue was fast from the forum. I wouldn’t say I was complaining… just surprised I got sent right to the forum is all. I am 8 days into trying SketchUp Pro and am getting the hang of it. I have no training or educational background in 3D modeling or BIM, but I thought I could teach myself for personal use development, and eventually apply the skills I build to making at least a side hobby and make some money here and there from it; a hopeful form of supplemental income down the road, so to speak. At age 36, I am tired of laborious side-hustle jobs to keep my family going. Installing and repairing swimming pools is not fun, I’m tired of sun burn, horse flies, swamp water in run down pools, and sweat dripping into my eyes. Cheers to good luck.