Dumbest thing to need help with ever - toolbar edition


I just started the trial version of SketchUp Pro and I removed the ■■■■ toolbar (the one circled with red) in an attempt to move it/change it to appear like the one in blue and now I can’t get either of them back and I’m so frustrated…


The solution to my problem is probably simple, but sometimes that just makes it worse it seems…

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me.


Did you go to View>Toolbars and select either the Getting Started or the Large Toolset?

You are showing SketchUp on Mac but your profile indicates Windows. The toolbars are a little different on each platform.


See, it was that simple! :joy: Thank you, Dave, it worked, you are my savior!


Aw, shucks. :slight_smile:

FWIW, if you have the Large Toolset displayed, you really don’t need the Getting Started toolbar.

Poke around in the Toolbars window. There’ll be other toolbars you can turn on and in the Windows version you can create custom toolbars for the native tools. You can also dock the Large Toolset on the side if you wish.