Pro toolbar not visible

I’m a newbie to sketch up. I downloaded the 30 day trial, but I don’t have the Pro toolbar. Any suggestions?

What’s the “Pro toolbar” that you are referring to?

The floating toolbar to the left in the tutorials. It has two columns with more selection than I see.

The Large Toolset? You can select that from View>Toolbars.

You have access to all the native toolbars as well as those for any add ons you may have installed.
Click View, then click Toolbars on the menu that appears next.

You need to click the various checkboxes to have the toolbars you want to use permanently reside on your SU screen.

Wow, @DaveR hardly anybody ever responds faster than you!

I’ll try that. Unfortunately I’m at work now. I’ll respond tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Duh. Large tool set vs Getting Started.
Thanks guys🙄


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