Sketch Up Pro Tool Bars


I am new to sketch up pro, i have watched alot of videos on youtube, when i downloaded my sketch up pro 21 to Mac I have no toolbars on the side.

Does anyone know how to correct this? or is it because I am using mac and not windows?

Thank You

Yes. It’s because you are using Mac, not Windows. On Mac you can use place the Large Toolset on the side but all the other tool palettes run horizontally.

Thanks for your reply Dave,

So if I got windows would i have the toolbar on the side that allows me to have the default tray on the right hand side (materials, components, styles)

The toolbars and tray are different things. Mac also doesn’t have the tray but you can open the the same windows from the Window menu and stack them together. Then slide them off to the side.

If you were using a PC instead of Mac you would have the tray automatically.

Back when I was also using a Mac for SketchUp along with Windows, I wouldset up something similar to the tray by making the model window a little narrower so the utility windows (Entity Info, Components, etc.) could be docked together just outside the model space. I used to do that on Windows before they introduced the tray, too.

Would you recommend it been easier to use windows?

My personal preference is for SketchUp on Windows but a lot of people use it on Mac anddo just fine. Mostly the difference is cosmetic.

this is the view that I have of sketch up , looks nothing like that i have seen on youtube

What toolbars you show or hide is set in the View menu>Toolbars.

The videos i have been watching, have a tool bar displayed in the image

and see the image of what my layout is like

thank you for any help

Sarah , here’s a screenshot of how I have my iMac setup. Large SU toolbar and most common used plug ins on the left. Tool “pallets” on the right. As Anssi said click on view - toolbars - large toolset , for the big SU toolbar . You will click on Window to open the various pallets such as tags/layers , entity info etc. How you set things up is sort of personal preference.

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Forgot to mention …… on a Mac you just drag everything around to your liking. Tool pallets will “stick” together , toolbars don’t. Also once things are arranged to suit the position of everything is remembered as long as you don’t close it before you quit SU. Shut down SU come back later open a new file their all in the same position as last time.

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