Default Tray on my Mac?

Hi there, I am brand new to SketchUp as a student. At school in our lab the computers are Windows and to begin there is always a default tray
on the right side. On my Mac here at home, I can’t find a way to make it appear. Is there a way to get one the way Windows has it set up?

Thank you!!

The Mac interface is different. I have the opposite problem from knowing the Mac and struggling to help students using Windows and those trays. I forget what’s found in trays, but on the Mac most of it is found under the Window menu. Various floating palettes can be opened, resized and located where you want. I use two monitors and keep a bunch out on the second monitor.


THere is this nifty little program so you can make sets and hide everything using key combo on OSX. I hate SU’s interface with all the freaking panels!

Its called MyToolbar Organser, here’s a screengrab of it working. Ive set 2 command to SHOW / HIDE them.

I cant seem to find anywhere, but i can give a dropbox links. This on was made of OSX, i cant remember if the main was windwos though. But it super great

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is it the one I made that ‘lives’ in the ‘Help’ menu?

I think I PM’d you a copy on SCF…


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