Cannot find trays

I’ve just downloaded Sketchup Pro on my MAC & am working through a module through my Interior Design Course.
It’s asking me to set up ‘trays’ by clicking on the window menu & then select ‘manage trays’.
This is not an option for me on MAC.
Can someone please advise where I can find trays?

The Tray is a Windows thing. Evidently the instructions you are following aren’t written for Mac. On Mac you can show the various windows by selecting them from the Window menu. You can dock them together by dragging their title bars and then can be collapsed and opened by clicking on said title bars. On Mac the only one you can’t dock is the Colors (Materials) window.

Thanks so much Dave. Had kind of muddled through & worked it out!
Hard to learn on PC instructions working from a MAC!
Thanks again

You’re welcome.

Yes. Fortunately most things are the same. One thing to keep in mind is the use of modifier keys with the various tools. Watch the lower left part of the SketchUp window for the various modifier keys.