Naming Tools on Tool Bars

The large tool set in Sketchup generally has popup names that appear when you hover over the icon for the tool. However, the other toolbars don’t which often means I have no idea what each button let alone tool bar is. My current problem is that I want to use the drape tool in sandbox tools but in the absence of a pop up name have no idea which button is which. If there is a way to turn on tool bar names I would love to know what it is (and how to organise the toolbars so they don’t just desport themselves all over my screen). By the way, I am working on a MAC, which, since I often dont seem to be able to do things other people can in Sketchup, I assume is the poor cousin of the sketchup world.

Happy designing. Neil

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I seem to recall that on Mac, SU tooltips work on vertical tool palettes but not on horizontal ones.

You could try dragging a vertical toolbar to the left side of the screen, until it flips to vertical, then see if the tooltips appear.

Replying on my phone, so I can’t check this on my computer at the moment.

What John said is the case.


Nearly everyone at SketchUp uses a Mac.

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Thank you both for your very prompt reply. Unfortunately this isn’t working for me. Is there a tick box somewhere that activates tool tips?

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ON my Macbook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 and SU 2021, I have the tooltips on all icons in both vertical and horizontal toolbars.

I don’t see them on the sandbox tools.
Big Sur 11.2

Wow, now that’s a revelation!

It comes from the days at Google. Although Google compete with Apple in a couple of areas, they are a big Mac customer. Attend any meeting with a Googler, and there is a very high chance they will be using a MacBook Pro.

Now, it is true to say that a high percentage of the developers use a PC as their main development machine, but me, Support, Marketing, Aaron, Product Management. Basically everyone else, are on MacBook Pro.


My impression is that SU is really designed to operate best on a PC. I presume developers have to make that their primary platform because the market share is so much greater than Macs. Seems a bit of a shame when Macs are known for their excellence with graphics, but understandable commercially.

@colin For me, there are no tool tips popping up for Sandbox tools at all for SketchUp Pro 2021 in macOS. This definitely should be fixed. Even I have no idea which tool is which by sight.

What would be nice is having the name of the Toolbars appearing when the cursor is positioned on the title bar.

Curious Jean…I assume you are referring to the (one and only) customizable toolbar across the top of the SketchUp window? On my Mac, tip text does pop up if I hover there. But, as others have noted, extension toolbars only show tips if they are vertical.

I Steve, hi folks.

Yes, I refer to the horizontal bar on top. All other toolbars are vertical, anyway. Some display their icons on two column. I don’t seem to be able to change their orientation.

For floating palettes you can drag them towards the top of the screen to have them flip to horizontal, and to the left of the screen to go back to vertical. It’s when they are horizontal that the help tips don’t work.

Fwiw, every palette seems to have it’s own convention, some have more rounded corners than others and if you look good, the large toolset isn’t large enough, the Warehouse icons even overlap the area of the toolset palette at the bottom…

They don’t work in vertical format for me either, not with the Sandbox tools. Just like the original post stated.

Definitely not the hallmark of Pro design software. I hope I’m not told the developers decided this too was “not worth the effort.” :frowning: Honestly, Pro software packages, at pro level subscription prices, should have far more dedication put into their polish and function. I’ve see many people point out obvious issues with the UI here, which are validated and recognized, and that seem to be ignored. This is yet another.

Hi Colin, hi folks.

Thanks for the remainder, I was not floating the palette high enough. If I go over the large Tool palette on top, as soon as I reach mid height, they flip but, I have the same problem as Ben, the Tooltips don’t appear.

More strange, if I flip back such a palette to the vertical, I also have no Tooltip. I must restart SU to get them back.

Thanks very much everyone for your email replies to my queries of yesterday. Oddly everyone seems to have a different experience. In my case on an IMac with the latest operating system I get tooltips on the large tool but none for any of the other toolbars whether native Sketchup or not and irrespective the toolbar’s orientation. This also seems to be common – but apparently not everyone has this. Jean Lemire reported having tooltips and I presume she meant for the other tool bards such as sandbox tools. Can you confirm this please Jean?

For most people this appears to be an issue. And yes it would be good to fix this up, since it does make it very difficult to use the other tools when, for the want of tooltips, they are so hard to find.


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I’d rather have a Whopper…