Extension Tool Palete Flyout Tips (Mac Vs. Win)

This is for the Mac.

If I add an extension’s (non-SU) tool palette to the screen, it comes onto the desktop in a vertical orientation. Since I wanted to maximize the real estate of the work area, I moved it to the outside top menu area, it rotated horizontal. Then I discovered in this configuration, there are no tool tips. I then moved it back to the left edge and it snapped vertical, still no tool tips. I then restarted SU, and now the tool tips flyout as expected when moused over.

I really do need the flyout tool tips and would like them in the top menu area (horizontal). Is there a workaround or solution?

Who controls this behavior, SU or the extension developer?

Sorry, there is another discussion here:

But, I did not see a solution or workaround, mainly behavioral differences. Any other ideas?

It is not the extension code that controls this. It is most likely platform GUI framework behavior.

Just noticed on some extensions, the flyout tool tip only provides the name of the extension. This tag is the same for every tool, no help.

I would assume this is a developer issue.

This is getting more strange by the minute, which forced a title change !

The same extensions running on Win, produce flyout help for every tool. And, the flyout tool tips, work when the palette is horizontal in the top tool bar or vertical.

This adds credibility to the Mac being the “Orphan Child” argument. :sleepy:

Add another reason to my growing list of why I should strongly consider migrating platforms.

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