EXTENSION tool palette Issues

Hi everyone.
I am using sketchup 2018 for MacOS. I am facing an issue with extension toolbars. Whenever i hover the cursor over an extension tool palette icon, it doesn’t show any text, where as text appears when i hover the cursor over sketchup inbuilt tool palette.

For example, when i hover the cursor over Round Corner Tool Palette, it doesn’t show which among them is for round corner or for bevel or chamfer. Its very confusing when it comes to larger tool palette such as JHS Powerbar or similar.
Please help.

I have tried the tool bar options of SHOW TEXT and ICON as well. But it doesn’t work.

It’s possible the extension author didn’t program tooltips. Though I think @Fredo6 does usually.

But I sometimes find, as you do, that I don’t get tooltips when I expect them.

Also sometimes, a restart will temporarily turn them on again for a while.

I use mostly SU 2020 on Mac OS Mojave.

They just don’t work properly. If the toolbar is vertical they work, but if it’s horizontal they don’t. If you change to vertical in a SketchUp session, you’ll have to restart SketchUp to get the tooltips working in that toolbar again. For some with a lot of tools I’ve made my own diagram to tell me what all the icons are.

In case you don’t know, if you drag the bar near the top of the screen it changes to horizontal and if you drag it to the left it changes to horizontal.

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I am particularly talking about VRAY NEXT plugin and JHS powerbar. Though, few extension started showing names after changing the orientation as mention above. Thank you so much for the help.