Missing cursor text in "style" panel

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this:
When I open up the “style” menu and hover the mouse of the “standard view” or “styles” icon, the cursor text doesn’t indicate the name of the icon I’m hovering over. It just reads “edit” or nothing at all for some reason. I don’t seem to have this problem with the toolbar menu. It’s not a big deal… I’m just pretty new to sketchup so it would be helpful to know what icons I’m hovering over when I’m styling my different views.

Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

I used cmd+shift+5 for my screenshot to show the mouse but for some reason the cursor is not showing up. But you can see where it says edit… that is where the mouse is.

Those are buttons to select the Face style. They should indeed indicate Wireframe, Hidden Line, etc.

Yes, I realize that. I guess I just expected the names of those various style properties to show up in cursor text. I have been watching Sketchup tutorials and in all the tutorials the names of those styles seem to pop up in the cursor text.

I think tool tips would be nice for the icons, including the tabs above. I never thought about it before. And yes when you have these settings in the main toolbar you do get text upon hovering “Monochrome” etc.–but not here.

It does work correctly on the PC. Must be a feature of using Mac. :wink:


when it does work on a Mac… at least it looks nice!:wink:

I’d never noticed before, but I also find that tooltips don’t appear for those icons on my Mac. I only get an Edit tooltip the first time the cursor moves over them, and that tooltip persists after the cursor moves away until I click something else. It’s especially weird because there is a tooltip for the x-ray mode, and there are tooltips for the visually identical icons in the custom toolbar.