Missing name on some toolbar icons

hi, when I hover the mouse on top of some icons the name dosen’t show up, is there a way to fix this? seems just to not working with vray and quadface extensions…


Iirc on Mac icon text shows only on vertical toolbars, not on horizontal ones (or the other way round). Not at my computer to check.

Please correct your profile details. Mac is not a specific OS, we need the version - Monterey, Ventura or Sonoma for example (or the version number - click on the Apple icon then About this Mac to display details). That will also display the graphics card name and version.

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exactly that way yes. vertical good, horizontal no good.
has been so for years, I don’t think they’ll fix that one before they finally migrate mac’s version on QT.

By default, Vray’s toolbars are horizontal. no idea about quadface.

to change orientation, just bring them to the side of your screen
(you might need to restart SU to see the tooltips appear though)