Extension tool tips

Some of my extensions have tool labels when the curser hovers over an icon and some do not. Is this under the developers control or can the labels be turned on by the user?

Which extensions specifically don’t show them?



Quad tools, artisan, vertex tools and fredoScale. Fredoscale has an icon that launches a list of its tools which is very useful. I don’t know the names of some of them because they don’t show labels.

The tool tips do exist for those extensions.

Might be that @colin would have a suggestion as why they don’t show on your Mac.

On Windows (at least) they can be switched on and off by the user.
The checkbox is in the Options panel of the View > Toolbars… edit dialog.

Thank you DaveR. It looks like a Windows only feature. Dan, the toolbar option under the view menu only toggles the tool sets and not the tool tip labels.

… indeed toggles:


It’s a known issue that tool palettes that are horizontal on Mac do not show the tooltips. Having said that, I can’t find the exact bug report.

Here’s a screenshot from Tyson’s modeling stream yesterday, where he was using a lot of extensions:

At one point he was trying to locate a particular tool in the long horizontal palette, and no help tips were showing up. I wanted to type in the chat about how that doesn’t work on Mac, but that palette is a bit too big to have it be vertical, so it wouldn’t have helped.

To get the palette to be vertical, drag it to the left of your screen, and it should rotate to vertical.

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Thank you DaveR and Colin. I made all palette’s vertical, restarted SU and tooltips work fine.

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