UI: Mouse-over tool tip text should display current key assignment where applicable


Hi, I use SketchUp rare enough that I forget the key bindings for the commands in the toolbar. It would be super helpful if the tool tips displayed when mousing over a command in the toolbar which displayed that tool’s name would also display the current key binding. For instance, when mousing over the Pan tool, a tool tip is displayed which says “Pan.” Assuming default controls, it would be awesome if this instead said something like “Pan [h]”


SketchUp already does this in the menu so it shouldn’t be impossible to add it to the toolbars too.


Floating toolbars already have it ( at least on my Mac) , and it might be useful, when you don’t use SketchUp that much, you’ll display text under the icons:

is this different on windows?


From what I can see on the screenshot the shortcuts aren’t shown.

This is what it looks like on Windows, no shortcuts shown in the toolbars but they are shown in the menus.

Under the hood all shortcuts are stores as strings (text addresses) pointing at entries in the menus. If the toolbar icons could be linked up with the menu entries it would be possible to show the the shortcuts there too as in this mockup.


Shortcuts (if applied) are shown in [brackets]
close up :


Oh, I somehow missed that the first time I watched the recording.

However the description is missing on Mac :open_mouth: . Also space is missing as shortcut for select tool.


Yeah, this might even be a BUG :slight_smile:
watch :

As I hoover over the empty space and then over the eraser tool, the eraser tool shows “select”, but coming from within the floating toolbar it displays correct ( Eraser [E] )


That’s strange indeed. But I can’t reproduce it on my Mac! I always get the Eraser [E] tip.

As @eneroth3 said, there are no descriptions. However, for the select icon I get Select [Space].


This bracketing is not universal. It has never been a standard on MS Windows.
It is also application dependant. For example Adobe Reader uses parenthesised shortcuts in their toolbar tooltips.

Just for the record, the tooltips used to be identical for SketchUp on both platforms, but around v2014 they were changed to show description (with no choice by the user.) I liked the old way because the tooltips could be changed “on the fly” via Ruby code. Now they are static.


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