Cursor icon appears for a moment then changes to select arrow


This is a very new problem. I’m running SketchUp Pro 23.0.418 on a 16" 2023 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.4.1. Until the last few days, everything worked fine; the icon for whatever tool was currently selected was my cursor. Now, after selecting a new tool, its icon appears as the cursor for a small fraction of a second, then changes to the select arrow. Is this a known bug?

f it was working fine until just the last few days you should be looking at what has changed on your computer. Since SketchUp didn’t change what else did?

Nothing has changed that I know of. Obviously, something got corrupted if other people aren’t seeing the same thing. Decades ago, you’d just trash the preferences file on a Mac’s app, but that’s very old news now. What’s the best procedure now? It’s been a long time since I’ve had a problem like this with SketchUp.

Maybe try reinstalling SketchUp.

Is the Instructor window open at the moment? Do you usually keep it open?

Sounds like this may be related.

Actually, I’ve never used the Instructor window. Had to look up what it is.

Is a reinstall as simple as downloading the latest version, deleting the old one in the Applications folder, and installing the downloaded one, or are there some land mines in the process? Working hard on a deadline, so don’t want to screw something up?

Hi Steve, just loaded Sketchup Pro on my new Macbook Pro, same issue as you described. Did you resolve it? if so how?

I have the same issue running Mac – 23.1.341 64-bit SketchUp. Is there any more information on this issue?

My problem only persisted for a few days. Not sure if it was an OS update or a SketchUp update, but I never did anything as extreme as an OS reinstall. I’m now running SketchUp 23.1.341 and it has been flawless so far. My OS is Ventura 13.6.2.