Cursor loses selected tool

Cursor loses selected tool

SketchUp Pro 2022 on a 2021 iMac running current version of Monterey:

It happens randomly that my cursor will lose the ability to hold the icon of the tool I’m using. It will flash as the tool for split-second then revert to a standard arrow. See attached screen recording. You might think quitting and restarting SketchUp would solve it, but no, I’ve got to shut down and restart the whole machine to get my cursor icons back. I’ve searched past forum posts and found a similar problem back in ’15-’16, but no real solutions. Any ideas?

What other apps are running? Spotify used to do that with every change of song on my machine…

Hmm… interesting. I’m sometimes running Spotify at the same time as SketchUp, but I haven’t noticed my problem being be related to that; definitely not affected by the song changing. I will keep a closer eye on whether there is a connection though.

Thanks for the reply!