Cursor not showing current tool with SU2017

I am just trying out the new SU2017 which really like, but I am seeing a problem previously reported for SU2016 - the cursor is not updating to reflect the current tool

See: Cursor not changing to selected Tool icon

After selecting the tool, as the cursor moves off the toolbar and into the drawing area, the tool icon flashes up momentarily, and then a simple mouse pointer (select tool) returns. It makes working quite tricky…

I have MacOS Sierra and this happens on both my iMac Retina and MacBookPro.

I have never seen anything like this. Could you make a screen recording of it?

I remember ready somewhere that this could be caused by having a custom cursor setup.

I’ve off and on seen cursor issues with SketchUp on my Mac. Since I haven’t encountered anything similar in other apps, I think there is some subtle problem with how SketchUp uses custom cursors vs how Mac OS X manages them. In most cases, the problems are corrected the first time I click the mouse.

Things I’ve seen:

  • The worst is that sometimes the cursor disappears altogether, as in no cursor anywhere on the screen regardless of where you move it, including on non-SketchUp windows. It’s there, as you can tell if you accidentally click on something, but it is invisible. (I think this is most often associated with the color sampler in the Materials window). Pressing command-tab restores the cursor.

  • sometimes I get a generic arrow cursor instead of the selection tool’s arrow. The difference is subtle, so can be hard to notice. Pressing the spacebar or clicking will restore the right one.

  • the paint bucket cursor is mysteriously activated at times. I haven’t managed to identify a consistent trigger that makes this happen.

  • on some of my own extensions, my custom cursor does not show up until the first click after activating the tool for the first time. Subsequently it will usually show immediately.

does disabling ‘Shake To Find’ in System Prefs improve the situation?


Hi - thanks for the replies.
I can’t help with further information unfortunately as it was driving me mad so I reinstalled and re-booted and the issue seems to have gone away.

I will report back if it returns. I have had the problem with 2016 too intermittently, so it’s not just a 2017 thing.


I have seen cursor issues is other apps. I could just make it happen now in SketchUp, but not a second time when doing the same actions.

My guess is that sometimes the system isn’t correctly letting an application know that it has been activated, when say you quickly clicking between applications or using command-tab a lot.

The find your cursor feature doesn’t force the problem to happen either, I can be frantically moving the cursor around, so that the tool specific cursor becomes an arrow, while also command-tabbing between applications, and still I can’t trick it out. The right cursor does come back.

But like I said, I did get it to go wrong once today, so the actions must be very specific.

I’m using a Retina MacBook Pro in Sierra.