Managing tools bars on mac

Dear Sketchup community,

I’’m wondering if there is any good way to manage the plugins tools bars (palettes) display on a mac (as it is possible on a PC).
I have many of them and I’’m struggling to find a good way to manage and organize them on my screen.
Also, some of the plugin tool bars (palettes) are launching when I start Sketchup. I didn’t find the way to unlaunch them at startup.

Is anyone can help on these two points :

Managing plugins tools bars display on screen.
Reset plugins tools bars display at sketchup launch.



If you close a toolbar palette, quit SketchUp, then open SketchUp, the palette should not be there. The extension is supposed to respect your preference but I know there are some out there that don’t. To fix this, you’d have to contact the extension developer and ask them to change it.

The extension should be calling toolbar.restore instead of The restore method is used to reposition the toolbar to its previous location and show if not hidden.

If palettes are not staying hidden for extensions you rarely use, you could disable the extension. The Sketchucation extension lets you make sets of extensions to disable/enable multiple extensions at once.

As for organising them, there’s not much you can do apart from arrange them yourself. Keep them vertical if you want to see the tooltips.

SketchUp’s ability to manage toolbars is very limited on Mac compared to on Windows. Toolbars (aka palettes on Mac) will snap to the left or top edge of the screen, but not to each other or to anything else. And @McGordon already pointed out that due to a bug, they don’t show tooltips when snapped to the top edge. It is very common to get one showing atop another or hidden under another, in which case there is no recourse but to move them around and look for obscured ones. As a result, Mac users rarely have a huge collection of toolbars visible the way Windows users often do.

And, before you ask, Mac users have begged for improvement in toolbar management on Mac for years with no effect to date.

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Dear McGordon & slbaumgartner,

Thank you very much for this info. Unfortunately it does not appear that Sketchup is ready to offer a solution. Their only answer to me yet is to see on forums … What a shame. It seems that Sketchup expects its users to find the solutions to the software bug by themselves …