Tool Palettes

Every time I open Sketchup a bunch of tool palettes I didn’t have open when last closed are scattered all over the screen and I have to close them manually. They’re all from extensions.

I suppose I could put them in a pile in a corner somewhere out of the way but I would prefer only the ones I want are open at startup.

I’ve searched the forums and there’s a couple threads that address saving positions but I don’t want them to open.

I’m probably missing something obvious … any help would be appreciated.

I’m running Sketchup Pro 2019 on a Mac mini running OSX Mojave.


How did you install?

If this happens for some but not all extensions it is probably due to the way those extensions were programmed. A “rude” extension can force its toolbar to show each time you start SketchUp regardless of how you had it previously.

If you add one of these offending tool sets to your workspace, and then remove - would that resolve the issue for that particular extension?

If so, repeat for the others.

I’m going with slbaumgartner’s answer.

I didn’t try GSTUIDOS suggestion, The offending extensions each open multiple palettes with multiple tools each.

The Customize Toolbar…menu gives me the ability to add individual tools to the toolbar but no control over palettes.

For the time being I’ve chosen to put all of the offending palettes in a distant corner of the screen where they don’t bother my workflow and I don’t feel the need to close them all every time I open Sketchup.

I will e-mail the relevant developers and ask for a fix, or at least suggest one.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Why not go into extension manager and disable the offending extensions?

Why not go into extension manager and disable the offending extensions?

Because I use them occasionally.

Bigger PITA (maybe, I’ll think about it) to enable them when I want to use them than have a stack of palettes in a lonely corner of my screen.

Some extensions require a re-start to enable them. Much bigger PITA. I don’t think the ones I’m complaining about do though.

I may just decide I don’t need those extensions any longer but a couple I pay for so I’ll give the developer a chance to do a fix.

Thanks for the suggestion.


It would help to know what extensions you are talking about. They may well work for us and something needs to be done at your end, but without knowing what they are…

I have the same issue with some extension toolbars on my iMac. I’m running 10.14.3 Mojave and SketchUp Pro 2019.

I’m now down to just four toolbars that won’t cooperate with the settings in Preferences > Workspace. Four of the extensions have one or more of their tools placed on the main Mac Toolbar or are available from the Extensions Menu, however the pallets still appear in full when opening Sketchup. Those extensions are: 1001 bit Pro, Anchor Points, nz_camera & nz_implode.

The more frustrating toolbar is that of Eneroth Solid Tools, because it doesn’t open until I’ve navigated the View > Toolbars and clicked to open it in it’s dedicated place.

Then there’s the issue of some tools not having an icon…related but probably off topic.