Palette loading on startup

I have just installed SU2018 and that has meant re-installing the plugins I use.

A lot of plugins have palettes that open up automatically. Mostly, I don’t want them as I may only use one or two icons and I can put them in the icon bar at the top of the screen. Some then don’t reappear after you close and then re-open SU but some do. What I would like is to decide which of them opens by default and which doesn’t. Is that possible?

name and shame plugins that don’t honour being turned off…

it’s a single word that every extension should be using…

.restore # rather than .show which some use

some you can fix yourself if your prepared to open the ruby file containing the toolbar code…


Mmm, well I’m no computer boffin so I would be wary of that. However, if the line was easy to find and easy to amend safely, I would probably give it a go. So what I would need to know is what line to look for, how to make sure it is not “calling” the palette automatically if I don’t want it, and how to make sure it is calling it if I do. I guess there’s a clue in the line of code you included but is that enough for someone unfamiliar with the computer language?

if you have a toolbar that keeps popping up on restart, it’s either from @medeek who needs to fix his, or most likely an older plugin whose name should be obvious to you…

open your plugins folder ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp\ 2018/SketchUp

if the offering plugin has no same name folder, open the .rb file and look for

<something> =

a few lines down there will be


change it to


or if you alway transfer an old ruby to new versions change it to

<something>.get_last_state == -1 ? <something>.show : <something>.restore

obviously, replace <something> with whatever the author uses…


Explain this further to me. I don’t want my toolbar to be a nuisance. I haven’t had any complaints from any users of the plugins I’ve created.

@medeek, when your toolbar loads it doesn’t check if the user has turned it off, so it always shows on startup…

as a developer that’s what you want on your machine, but it is something that annoys people…

since you target earlier versions you should use the long form version that checks the state…

I’ve been meaning to mention it and this post came up so a ‘pinged’ you in…


I just turned off both the Foundation and the Truss Plugin toolbars, shut down SketchUp and then restarted it. Both toolbars are turned off.

I’m not seeing this behavior. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit with SketchUp 2017 Make on my PC at my office/work. I will check it on SU 2018 PRO at home later tonight.

simon and I are both on mac’s so it may be that windoze behalves differently…

what code are you using?

I only ever ran yours on v17 and v16 where I so the issue…


I am so untechy that I don’t actually know how to open a ruby file. I’m guessing you have to use a text editor?

However, if I can get into the code, you seem to have given me exactly what I need. I presume if I do want a palette to open on startup I need to put in .show where it might currently be .restore?

I think the only offending plugin I still have is Selection Toys by Thomas Thomassen. He seems to produce a lot of very good plugins so it is a bit surprising that this issue exists. I also have his Edge Tools but that doesn’t offend in the same way.

‘Text Edit’ will work, but change the open and save presences to UTF-8 for plain text…

restore replaces show i.e. restore the uses last choice versus always show on startup…

Is your Selection Toys the current version?

I think @tt_su’s are controlled from his Library and should all behave the same…

I wouldn’t even touch his without his advice as they are more complex, and he is diligent…


I downloaded Selection Toys as part of my installation of SU 2018 so it should be current I think.

The code for the plugin is quite short, possibly because it calls something else. I’m not sure it helps much, though. Here it is:

# Thomas Thomassen
# thomas[at]thomthom[dot]net

require 'sketchup.rb'
require 'extensions.rb'


module TT
 module Plugins
  module SelectionToys
  ### CONSTANTS ### ------------------------------------------------------------
  # Plugin information
  PLUGIN          = self
  PLUGIN_ID       = 'TT_Selection_Toys'.freeze
  PLUGIN_NAME     = 'Selection Toys'.freeze
  PLUGIN_VERSION  = '2.4.0'.freeze

  # Resource paths
  file = File.expand_path( __FILE__ )
  file.force_encoding( "UTF-8" ) if file.respond_to?( :force_encoding )
  FILENAMESPACE = File.basename( file, '.*' )
  PATH_ROOT     = File.dirname( file ).freeze
  PATH          = File.join( PATH_ROOT, FILENAMESPACE ).freeze
  ### MENU & TOOLBARS ### ------------------------------------------------------
  unless file_loaded?( __FILE__ )
    file = File.join( PATH, 'core.rb' )
    ex = PLUGIN_NAME, file )
    ex.description = "Suite of tools to create, manipulate and filter selections."
    ex.version = PLUGIN_VERSION
    ex.copyright = 'Thomas Thomassen © 2008–2017'
    ex.creator = 'Thomas Thomassen ('
    Sketchup.register_extension( ex, true )

  end # module SelectionToys
 end # module Plugins
end # module TT


file_loaded( __FILE__ )


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