Tools Palletes reopen after restart

I try to get rid of some tool palletes I close them off leaving only large tool set pallete opened. After I relaunch sketchup some of them goes back. This happens with skalp, keyshot and some other tool palletes.
Anyone knows how to fix that so they stay closed?

I use Sketchup 2016 on Mac. Not sure if that’s a case for windows.

Did you remove the palettes by closing them, or by going to View->Palettes and unchecking them? If the former, SketchUp might be remembering the view settings from the last time you selected in the View menu and restoring based on them.

Just tried both ways and none of them works. Palettes still pops up next time I run sketchup.

Is it specific ones? Some plugins have been incorrectly written to always open. If they are always the same ones it would help to know what they are. If it is random then that means something else.

Have tried to open/close other ones, after relaunching sketchup they stay closed, so it is not random. It must be something with specific plugins, here are plugins that stay opened in my case:


I know that I have a few extension toolbars that come up every time, if they are enables (Soap Skin, Primitives, and a few others). I believe that their creators have the ability to set the toolbar to come up when SketchUp starts. With these extensions, the only way to get them NOT to show up on start is to disable them through the Preferences window, then turn them bak on when you need them.

In my experience loading 3 renderer plugins at the same time on a mac can lead to hidden issues…

most will run ‘observers’ in the background and they can slow everything else down…

I would suggest turning them off in Preferences >> Extensions and only turn them on when you need one…

this will also stop the toolbars appearing except when your actually using them…

the same could be done for 1001 unless you use it all the time…