New file always opens tools palettes

how can we disable ketchup from opening new files always with some tool palettes?
i have turn then off and save it as template but everytime i open a new file the palettes are open


Unfortunately, that u is a an issue with the extension. Extension developers have the option of honoring when you turn their toolbars off… not all do so.


I’m on the windows…but It is possible that you installed SketchUp incorrectly or running from the dmg file

These appear to be third-party extensions. The thing is, it depends on the developer in question whether the tool palettes associated with it restore the previous state or not. This can be because of intended decision of developer, just a mistake or lack of knowledge…

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thanks !
i’ll send a message to the developer


hello all,

just to say i have contacted Skelion and they immediately resolved this issue!