Adding tools to the tool bar


When I add a tool to the top toolbar and click done when finished,the tool is there, but when I reopen Sketchup the new tool is not there. I have added tools in the past and they are still there. The ones I try to add are for Dynamic Components. I must be missing something. I am on a Mac with V8.

Thanks Jim



Don’t spend time trying to do this. It’s a known issue.



Hey Jimmy,

Two ideas for you. First, Dynamic Components are technically an extension for SketchUp. We do have a known issue where when you’ve assigned extensions to your toolbar, they don’t appear in the first SketchUp window you open. If you close that window and open a new one, you should see your customized toolbar.

It’s also possible you might have a corrupt preferences file, so you might take a crack at deleting your plist via the instructions in this article.

Hope this helps,



Thanks for the reply’s Gents.
I found my problem after reading your reply’s. I did not have the dynamic components tool bar under View/Tool Palettes /Dynamic Components loaded. As they say, senior moments in there self are not a problem, it is the frequency that will get you.
Thanks again Gents