Sandbox and tools missing

Just dowloaded the new 2024 pro sketch up and many tools are missing, including the sandbox. I received a note that it has to be uploaded, but don’t know how and where. Bc doesn’t explain where to save the files

Go to Extensions>Extension Warehouse, search for Sandbox Tools and click on Install. Also make sure that SandBox tools are enabled in Extensions>Extension Manager.

What other tools are missing?

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I’ll add,

on a mac, if you need the toolbars, they are in 2 places :

  • in the menus, “view” then the first choice (toolbars) then you’ll find all the extra toolbars you have at hand. EVERY toolbar you can have through extensions are there.

  • right click on the topbar, and personalise it. that way you can compose your toolbar as you want it.

I have done it and still do not show up. Also the Dynamic components are missing and get get them installed.

Thanks. I had to have the sketchup reinstalled. One more doubt: the camera next and camera previous in the 2024 version substitute the zoom next and zoom previous? Bc I dont have the zoom next and zoom previous

yep, I guess so, I’m not sure the name changed in french but it might have in english

Another possibility…
You are running SketchUp from from the Installer ??
If you actually install SketchUp properly, then its supporting files etc will be properly located and configured…
Remember that you might need to restart your MAC to sync everything…

Did you look at the view/toolbars and see if the tool sets your lookin

g for are checked?