How do I control which extensions pop up during restart?

How do I control which extension toolbars pop up when I restart the program?
I have four extension toolbars pop up that I don’t need every time I restart the program, but I have more than four extension toolbars in my menu… How does SketchUp decide which toolbars open after a restart?

Whatever toolbars were open when you last closed it will open next time.

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Thanks. That works for all my toolbars, except four… Three MS Physics toolbars & a Soap Bubble toolbar. They pop up every restart. Are these safe extensions or should I just delete them? (I’m assuming they’re safe.)

Note: The four toolbars remember their positions every restart.

There’s nothing to be frightened of with those plugins.
But I don’t have a Mac so can’t tell you what happens with them.
I do know they stay closed on Win.

Weird… Well, I disabled them, and the toolbars stayed closed after SketchUp restarted.

I’ll just enable them when I need them.
Thanks for your help! :+1:

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