Plugins toolbars activation - MAC bug?

Dear all,

This is my first time hear so i hope to do it well and sorry for my poor english :wink:

I’ve a problem with some plugins windows which are automatically open on top of the main window at the launch of sketchup. Even if I close them, they will come back at the relaunch of sketchup. This bug is really strange !

I’ve tried many things, following the recommandation of a sketchup support team but still these eleven windows come back over and over. The really strange thing is that it really does this only with these eleven windows : ruby console, 1001bit-tools, 2D Bool, AmbientOcclusionPro, KeyShot 6, {SU}Ch, SketchFXPro, Soap Bubble.

I’ve done un update of sketchup, delete « com.sketchup.plist » file, activate and deactivate the plugin windows but still doesn’t work. It looks like the memory of these open windows are recorded somewhere forever. :wink:

For your info, the "com.sketchup.SketchUp.savedState » folder still don’t create in the "Saved Application State » folder. Even if i open the Entity Info or Layers dialog box and quits ketchup.
I’ve noticed it creates the "com.sketchup.SketchUp.savedState » folder only when sketchup is running and disappears when i close sketchup…

Is anyone as un idea how to deactivate the launch of these windows ?

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I think you are referring to “toolbar” that floats on your screen. And by the sound of it, that you are perhaps using MAC. (plist is for MACs right?)

If you are on windows,
I have seen some users having their extensions located under “C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\Plugins” instead of “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\Plugins”.

So, delete the “plugins” folder under “C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp”

If this is problem on MAC, Can any MAC user help?
Would there be MAC equivalent of alternate location for the extensions?

Thanks for your help JK

You have well understand :wink:
Yes i’m referring to 'toolbar" that float on my screen and yes i’m running sketchup on a MAC.

Let’s hope more advanced MAC users will pop here soon :smiley:

I believe it is possible for ill-behaved extensions to force their toolbars on start, but I don’t have those specific extensions installed so I can’t comment on them as such (though if you mean Window->Ruby Console, that is built in not an extension and should behave itself).

Regarding the plist, you must do things in a specific order for this to work:

  1. Completely quit SketchUp
  2. Delete the plist
  3. Log out and back in or reboot the computer or open a terminal and type “killall cfprefsd”

Steps 1 and 3 are necessary else the old preferences will be restored. SketchUp rewrites the file on quit based on what it has in memory, and the contents are cached by the system in cfprefsd until it is restarted by log out or the killall command.

Would it be helpful to utilize “Extensions Policy” that was implemented for 2016 version?
I don’t know how well it works on MAC, but it should prevent some “ill-behaving” extensions to run? (given that they are not signed by SketchUp)

one of your Plugins is most likely activating ‘Ruby Console’ on start up…

I would suspect either 2D Bool or {SU}Ch out of those, but it may be any one you have installed…

and they all have bad Toolbar code…

the code needs re-writting to fix this…


Dear All,

Thanks for your comments and help on this one.
I’ve tried everything and followed the steps suggested by slbaumgartner. Nothing change…
These 7 plugins windows and the Ruby Console still open at the opening of SU.

Never mind i think i just have to accept it and close it manually every time i will use sketchup.

Anyway thanks for you help.



if you want all toolbars off at startup it’s quite easy with ruby…

if you want some others on it’s a little trickier…

I do have a plugin you modify to your needs…

it let’s you ‘record’ your favourites and turn all others of and yours back on…

you can have two sets recorded…


The sketchUcation plugin store’s extension manager also allows turning individual extensions and plugins on and off as well as creating groups you can switch in and out - regardless of the source.

Dear John & slbaumgartner,

Thanks for your help.
I’m already using sketchucation to manage my plugins.
I’ve also cleaned them… I’ve notice that i had many of them which where not ok for SU 2016 so i’ve removed them.
So now, i still have the same problem but just with 4 plugins (AmbiantOcclusionPro, Keyshot 6, SketchFXPro, Soap Bubble) and the Ruby Console window.

Also i’ve notice that in the extension preference panel, many of my plugins are not identify by sketchup. Do you think the problem can come from that ? Do you think i should remove all non identify plugins ?

One last thing. I found very hard to manage the way to organise plugins and extensions windows. I’d like to have all of them close by but not all around the place. Do you know if there is a clean way to organise them ?



An “extension” is a plugin that includes some extra code to register it with SketchUp. This code makes it easier for SketchUp to manage the extension, but is not mandatory. Only those plugins that register as extensions will be visible in the preferences extension panel. All plugins should be visible in the SketchUcation managers.

Just to add on @slbaumgartner’s point.
SketchUcation managers are separated into two - Plugins Manager and Extensions Manager.

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Just to add to the add…

I wrote the SketchUcation Extensions Manager and Plugins Manager…

The Extensions Manager works much like the native Extensions tool, in that it only affects ‘Extensions’ - but it has a nicer interface, and it allows you to select multiple Extensions to enable/disable, and also enable selected ones for that session only, and also manage Sets of Extensions too…

The Plugins Manager works on ALL Plugins - not just those that are Extensions - it has a similar interface, and it allows you to select multiple Plugins to enable/disable, and also enable selected ones for that session only, and also manage Sets of Plugins too…

If an Extension or a ‘vanilla’ Plugin is disabled, then it produces no toolbar [if doesn’t ‘load’], but if you re-enable it, then it will load with the activated toolbar etc, but if you choose to enable it for that session only, then when you restart SketchUp it is disabled once again…

if you paste a list of you plugin .rb files we may spot the one adding Ruby Console at startup…

get a list by pasting this into RC and hit return…

dir = Sketchup.find_support_file('Plugins')
Dir.entries(dir).reject{|f| f unless f =~ /.rb$/}

when adding to the forum paste the result, then select it and use the </> button to wrap it as code…


Dear All,

thanks a lot for your help and thanks TIG for your clarification about your great creation (SketchUcation Extensions Manager and Plugins Manager).
Everything is clear to me but still, i don’t understand why some of my plugins windows are automatically open at sketchup startup.

Anyway if that may help, here are the list of my plugins for John :

</>> dir = Sketchup.find_support_file(‘Plugins’)
Dir.entries(dir).reject{|f| f unless f =~ /.rb$/}
[“AmbientOcclusionPro.rb”, “as_flatten.rb”, “CB_PlaneAngle.rb”, “CB_RepaintFace.rb”, “DM_artisan.rb”, “DM_ProfileBuilder2.rb”, “ene_texturepositioning.rb”, “Fredo6_!LibFredo6.rb”, “Fredo6_Curviloft.rb”, “Fredo6_Curvizard.rb”, “Fredo6_FredoScale.rb”, “Fredo6_HoverSelect.rb”, “Fredo6_JointPushPull.rb”, “Fredo6_RoundCorner.rb”, “jbb_layers_panel.rb”, “luxion_keyshot6.rb”, “moos.rb”, “s4u_makeface.rb”, “SimLabOBJImporter.rb”, “Skalp_Skalp.rb”, “SketchFXPro.rb”, “SketchUcation.rb”, “smustard_PathCopy.rb”, “SoapSkinBubble.rb”, “su_advancedcameratools.rb”, “su_bezier.rb”, “su_dynamiccomponents.rb”, “su_sandbox.rb”, “su_simplify_contours.rb”, “su_solarnorth.rb”, “su_trimble_connect.rb”, “su_webtextures.rb”, “tt_autosmooth.rb”, “tt_bezier_surface.rb”, “tt_cleanup.rb”, “tt_edgetools.rb”, “TT_Lib2.rb”, “tt_solid_inspector2.rb”, “TT_SUbD.rb”, “tt_text_editor.rb”, “tt_vertex.rb”]</>



I should of added a ‘newline’ into that snippet…


I don’t recognise ant that I know turn on Ruby Console…

what’s moos.rb?



OK John,
I feel stupid now…
moos.rb is a plugin i’ve created. I’ve so many of them i forgot about this one :wink:
Thanks for opening my eyes. At least i will no longer have ruby console opening at startup.

Thanks a lot