All of SketchUp Make Tools under View/Tool Palettes stray off the SketchUp Make screen!

All the options under View/Tool Palettes – Large Tool Set, Solid Tools, Location, Warehouse, Layer Tools, Dynamic Components, and Sandbox – remain on my computer screen after I minimize the SketchUp screen. For example, if I have SketchUp Make on, and then minimize its screen, and open Safari, the referenced tools are all cluttering my Safari screen. This is a software behavior I’ve not seen before, and I wonder if my installation of SketchUp Make is a faulty one. How do I prevent these “orphans” from remaining on after shutting SketchUp down?

Is this on Mac ? If so what version, Sierra ?

(You profile says you’re on Win10.)

What version of SketchUp ?


I switched to the OSX side of my partitioned HD on my Mac because SketchUp staff said SKU Make 2017 wouldn’t work on the Win side using Bootcamp. I’ve updated my Profile accordingly just now.

I’m using SketchUp Make 2017 on the MacOS Sierra 10.12.5. I just rant the Mac HD Repair Disk, and found no errors in my HD.

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The UI will stay up when you close or minimize a drawing window (as long as SketchUp is still the active program. They should disappear if you click onto another program. This is a side effect of SketchUp on Mac being able to have multiple drawing windows open at once.

It’s normal for the palettes to remain visible when you minimize the SketchUp main window, because that window isn’t SketchUp itself, it’s a document window.

If you switch to another application the palettes should hide themselves, even if the document window isn’t minimized.

I can’t find any reports of palettes staying open after switching to another application.

About the Windows version, it’s Parallels that doesn’t support OpenGL 3, I think that if you’re using BootCamp SketchUp Make should work ok. As it’s free, could you try it, just to be sure?

after minimised the background is normally the desktop or a previously covered window…

clicking on whatever is there, hides SU’s additional windows…

I run SU in an additional Space and use ctrl + an arrow key to switch apps

I never minimise any windows or I forget their there…



Thanks for the assistance! I have tried SKU M 2017 on the Windows partition, and the select tool would take up to 30 seconds to highlight a line or surface. There were a few other aspects that were extremely slow. I was told that it was because I was operating on a Mac with Bootcamp. I switched to the Apple OSX, and it’s been working as it should. That’s all I know.

I thank you.

Thank you, John.

That’s strange. A Mac running BootCamp ought to perform like quite a good PC. The problem I referenced stops the program from even opening, because it requires OpenGL 3. I have Make 2016 running in Parallels, for when I need to test Windows issues.

Bootcamp literally launches an alternative OS on your Mac hardware. It does not use a virtual machine (VM) and is supported by SketchUp the same as Windows running on any other hardware. The poor performance was almost surely an issue with graphics drivers and Windows updates that has been extensively discussed on this forum.

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Yes this was caused by recent Microsoft updates to Windows 10, especially the Creator’s Update.

You can workaround this via Right Mouse Button click + ESC key to dismiss context menu.

I was advised by Trimble tech support in April 2017 that SKU Make 2017 wouldn’t work in virtual environments, and I assumed that meant my setup using Bootcamp. They further advised that I should use the software on the OSX vs the Windows OS because I had Windows on my Mac as well. I now have all my SKU files on the Apple OSX. I regret having left my Windows 10 environment, but SKU M is working as it should on the Apple OSX. Thanks for your support.

There was a misunderstanding. As I wrote earlier, bootcamp is not a VM. But if SketchUp is running well for you on macOS, don’t sweat it!

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