Layout Option not an option

Have you already saved your model when the Send To Layout item is greyed out?

I find it easier to open layout and import the SU file.
Often a LO file can have multiple SU files in it too and so inserting an SU from within LO is more certain.

did you get the last Mojave specific update in November?


Wasn’t the update just for 2018?



Ah, I read that backward somehow…:flushed:

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Yes i made sure the su file was saved first

Check 'About SketchUp" to verify that you have version 18.1.1180 installed. There were issues with Mojave that were fixed in that update version, as John mentioned earlier.



Well, that’s the correct updated version. It’s working for me under macOS 10.14.2, so something is clearly different with your installation.

Next I’d check the status of your license via SketchUp->License. It’s behaving as if it thinks your Pro license is not valid or your trial has expired.

Hmm. Your last image looks as if you have Mojave dark mode set. Try setting the light mode and see if that makes any difference. I don’t know why it would, just grasping at straws…

So even though I purchased the 2018 license in 2017 and my yearly subscription has run out, shouldn’t everything still be working properly. Does SU or Trimble block certain things if the subscription runs out.

The license is perpetual. Only the access to customer support and free upgrade to the next version lapses. SketchUp and Layout should still work as before.

What is the exact file name of the SketchUp file including the directory it was saved in. Where is the file saved? Locally or in the cloud? There are reports of others having the grayed out Send to LayOut and the culprit has been disallowed characters in the file names or locations.

Is SketchUp/LayOut fully installed? I understand that it is possible to run SketchUp directly from the downloaded install file but that things might then not be thoroughly linked. Mac users here (I am not one of them) can give further instructions how to install applications correctly under the MacOS.

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The installer comes as a disk image (.dmg) file. Clicking that file mounts the image. Clicking again runs the installer. It’s pretty hard to bungle the installer (the equivalent to Windows run as administrator happens automatically). But while the disk image is mounted one could look inside it, see the SketchUp file and try to run it from there. That usually leads to errors as SketchUp isn’t installed at all. However I have the impression in this case that SketchUp was installed and working, and the problems arose when macOS was updated to Mojave.

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Sometimes a good old ‘turning the computer down and starting fresh again’ helps. A lot of Mac-users do not turn the computer off at all, only use the sleep-mode.

Then , I would try a reinstall by downloading here

Just drag (click the left button) the SketchUp folder on the Applications folder and let go!

This is the correct way to install on a Mac. There will be a subfolder (SketchUp 2018) in the Application folder with the three apps:

Do not open

This is the WRONG way, so do not try this at home!:

As @slbaumgartner mentioned, opening an instance on the Mounted Volume creates multiple instances on “Trimble islands” were you can acces LayOut in SketchUp

Dragging the SketchUp application logo from the Mounted Image to a different location

This is the worst method and results in multiple “Islands” were SketchUp doesn’t see layOut anymore…


Mike, Thanks a bunch . That cured the problem. Peace…

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