Send to Layout is greyed out / not working (SketchUp 2018 + High Sierra)

Hi everyone,

I’ve read lots of threads before and usually I manage to work things out but now i’m still clueless.
In sketchup 2018 the option ‘send to layout’ is greyed out / not working. I’ve re-installed it after fully deleting everything left in my libraries & support files, checked everything (i think) and also tried entering the sudo-solution in terminal as well as the re-name option. All not working.

So i was wondering if there is any ‘new’ -2018- input on how its possible that ‘send to layout’ is grey and not working… Is there maybe something very easy goin on which i’m not aware of? Or maybe mac+SketchUp2018 has some troubles? Or Sketchup2018+High Sierra? Is there another new security issue i haven’t heard of?

Hope anyone can help me with this one. Thanks.


Have you entered your SU 2018 license information to register SketchUp 2018 Pro?

for sending to LO the SU model needs to be saved as a SKP document first.

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also, have you opened v18 directly from Finder, at least once…

it may have a download flag that requires R-Click >> Open on first run…


If you mean, going to my finder - applications - sketchup2018 - layout — and then right click open - - ?
I just tried that and after that i did the same with sketchup… didnt work so far

I know :slight_smile: i did… (I even made the .extension visible to be sure)

yes i believe so

It’s easy enough to check. Why don’t you do it to make sure?

haha no i mean i did

I’m having the exact same problem in PRO except I’m running Sierra. Been doing this for a month or so. Watching this thread. Send to layout is greyed even after save and even if layout is open.

Let me know if you have any new solutions! I’ll send a post as well if i find something but for the moment I still have no clue…

You did drag the file to /Applications on install, correct? Mac security will launch programs that it hasn’t trusted yet by copying them to /var/folders/ some random place. This thread:

Except change to to your version instead of 2016.

Yes i’ve tried that (also by changing 2016 into my version \ 2018/
I’ve tried that with ‘sudo’ as well…
Would it be possible that there is some new quarantaine-apple-mission floating around in 2018 or High Sierra? Is anyone familiar with discovering such new security blocks?
I just think its strange that everything else works fine -so far-, just that little internal jump from SU to Layout… Sounds like it should be only some minor fence somehow, easy to find

well, you can tell by opening terminal and doing ls -al to see if special bits are set.

You can also launch SketchUp and see where it’s launched from. If you’re not a bash shell expert in terminal (ps auxwww | grep SketchUp), then open /Applications/Utilities/Activity, and see where it’s launched from. If it’s /var/folders/blah, somethings up.

hi guys
thanks for your time helping out btw.
I had the same problem as Mosesses - and like him couldn’t resolve the issue. And - I’m a bit worried about tinkering with stuff esp activity monitors, etc…
However, if I save my model (skp file) I then go right click and ‘open with’ and select Layout and this seems to work…
hope that makes sense

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