Send to Layout is "greyed out" on Mac after Sierra install

Currently using SUPro 2016 on my Mac running OS10.12 Sierra.
I have installed the SU maintenance release 16.1.2418.
SU still will not allow me to “Send to Layout” since the menu item is grey.
I am able to “Insert” the SU model from within Layout so all is not lost, but it is not as convenient as sending the model directly from SU.
Any ideas as to why this is not working?


Was this an Upgrade into Sierra from your old OS X, or was it a fresh install?

If you took the upgrade approach… I’d try to just reinstall SU/Layout and see if that fixes things.

You can get the latest version and build from here.

…my working theory on this, is that if you haven’t updated SU and Layout to the latest version and build… then there’s a good chance that what’s installed on your machine isn’t completely compatible with Apple’s latest OS X.

This of course is concocted after a rather long day at work, and in the rain too. If I’m so far off that’s its actually an embarrassingly bad guess… then I’ll add in other excuses as needed, at a later date.

Hope this helps out some,



No need for additional excuses (but I appreciate the offer).
I reinstalled SU latest build again and it is fixed on my MacBook Pro.
Hopefully I’ll have the same success with my iMac.

Thanks for your help

The greyed out Layout problem has been discussed in the following topic, including suggested workarounds (scroll well down, mention of Layout greyed out starts late in the discussion):

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Thank you.
But its working well with the new Sierra update today no problem so far. Didn’t have to purchase 2016 license!

Gone again after i tunes update! :frowning: