Layout 2018 will only export to pdf



When I try to export Layout to .dwg the only option available is PDF.

Yes, I have a licensed version of Sketchup Pro 2018.

Mac mini late 2014
OSX Mohave 10.14

Anyone else have this issue?


It’s working ok for me.


Do you have a Mac with OSX Mojave?


Unless you tag him, he may not see your question. His tag is @JQL. His profile indicates that he uses a PC, not a Mac.

There have been discussions before about the compatibility of SU and the latest OSX. Most experienced users defer installing a new OSX until they know the teething troubles have been ironed out. Personally, I wouldn’t do it until SU 2019 is up and running smoothly. Past experience suggests that the release of the SU update follows on about a month after the latest OSX.



I figured out the problem.

The Dialog was opening in expanded view allowing selection of a location to save the export.

In this mode the Options… button was covering the format selection button. One long button.

Once I minimized the dialog the format selection box was accessible.

Maximizing the dialog from there the Options… button is now normal size and the format selection drop-down visible.

Some kind of a bug…don’t know where the fault lies, Sketchup or Apple, but now I know how to deal with it.


Yeah, it is us, with High Sierra and now Mojave, this dialog can get messed up when expanded. That Option button gets quite large.

Glad you got it figured out.