Cannot export to anything but pdf in layout

I cannot export to anything other than PDF. When I Select: File>Export…

Where there would normally be a Format drop down menu with options there’s just a long options button.

Click on the ^ to the right of the Save As… field. Then you can change it.

Thanks DaveR, Is this a MAC OS issue? Seems silly that you’d have to minimize the dialogue box to see a function.

Seems to be a bug in the Layout exporter, the Options button becomes too wide to let the Format menu stick around. It works correctly in SketchUp. The Windows version uses a different file dialog arrangement, and so the two are not next to each other, so the problem most likely doesn’t happen. I don’t have Layout under Windows, so I can’t check.

I don’t know if it’s a Mac OS issue or if it is a LayOut bug but it is kind of weird. On the other hand it could be kind of useful. If you most commonly export one type of file from LO, you could leave the window maximized like you show it after you make the export type and it’ll continue to make the same export file type automatically for subsequent exports.

It’s a bug in Layout. Not so much the code, but the constraints being set wrong for the export dialog. It was discussed here:

That should have been a simple fix that could have came out in an update sometime over the last 5 months.

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