Not possible to export dwg from LayOut

I am trying out LayOut 2018 and want to export my work as a dwg, but it is not possible:

There should be a “Format” box besides “options” in the window when I chose “File / Export…”

I don’t work on a Mac, so I can’t offer any direct help there.

However, the video you’re referencing refers to a version of Layout different to the one you’re using.

But take a look at a similar query I commented on before.

See if your menu has an “export” option instead of going to the “save as” function.

The Export window on my Mac in LO2018 looks like this.


Are you running the latest macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4 ?

I think this might be a Mac bug. If you look at DaveR’s “Save As” image he has the arrow next to the untitled file name “clicked” so it points down. This hides the file path and reveals the format option. If it points up as per your image, the format button is unable to be selected.



True. And clicking that button reveals the Options button which gives you the option to select the file type among other things.



That was it. I had to go up get the arrow pointing down to be able to select DWG/DXF export.

Very happy to get so much help from everyone today!

Did you try clicking on the Options button at the bottom of the window above the Save button?

If you click on the options button, it will only give you the options for exporting as a pdf. The only way to get other export options (i.e. dwg/dxf, png, jpg) is to close/hide the file path of where the exported file will be saved. This I think is a Mac bug and is not how you would expect it to behave.

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Hmmm… That’s not what I got. I clicked on Options… to get the window that shows which pages to export and to which DWG or DXF format along with other export settings specific to DWG/DXF exports. It’s clearly visible in my last screen shot.

The only way for me to replicate your screen shot exactly (i.e. having the file path visible under the DWG/DXF Export Options) is to carry out the follows steps:
File > Export > Hide File Path > Select Format DWG/DXF > Show File Path > Select Options

The default export will always be a pdf, so clicking on the options tab will only give you the options available for a pdf export only. Not a big deal to hide the file path but caused me a few headaches when I needed to export as DWG for the first time.

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Also see this thread:

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…so they have been aware of this issue since January. Lets hope the guys at SU gets it right with the next update then.

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