Option in Layout to save to DWG is gone?

Not sure why it stopped working?
I need to fix asap

I’m going to try and re-install I guess

are you on Mac? Do you see the export menu:

format and options?

This may be too obvious but are you looking in “File-> Save As…” instead of “File -> Export…”


can you upload a screenshot of the export menu?

yes mac,
yes export
and I will try and upload a file of my options… they just changed recently… I send dwg’s a couple times a month…
but now i can’t

15 PM

pdf export is the only option I’m getting on EXPORT ?

funny when I hit export, it comes up as SAVE and when i hit OPTIONS it
only gives me pdf options

Not sure how to go about re-installing

@Marc @Barry, this seems like a .nib gone wild?

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My Save as, and my export seem to be the same.

You don’t have to reinstall. Just resize the sheet that drops down. I can get the options button hiding the file-type selector too.

no, i re-sized and this is the screen I get when I hit EXPORT

Here’s a few examples with the sheet set to different widths. It is messed up!
This is a bug.


my option only gets wider, no format button