Adding Tool pallets to top of SU window


I know i should know this. I see peoples interface in videos and at the top/side of there GUI I see “tool pallets” arranged and separated as part of the window. I can drag individual tools but not pallets. Extension?


Most likely you’re seeing videos of SketchUp on Windows. You can dock toolbars along all four sides of the main window on the PC but not on Mac. You can add a few toolbar buttons across the top on the Mac but there’s not a whole lot of real estate available and you only get one row.


Thanks Dave. Question answered.


Dave is using a PC obviously ! The Mac doesn’t have the neat-o ability to make toolbars within the main window as the PC does, regrettably, but you can add “tool pallets” from View>Toolbars and place them on all sides of the main window, rows & columns deep. Of course, then you need to adjust the size of the main window to accommodate the pallets.

I believe that this is an Apple feature, not much that Trimble can do about it, eh ?

This topic interests me because I sometimes wonder if I should install the Microsoft system on my Mac just so that I can use the PC version of SketchUp. Just a thought.


I use SketchUp on both PC AND Mac.


You’ve never used more than one row of toolbars ? That’s if you wanted to, of course.

I had two rows set up 2 sides, top & left, when I first got Sketchup and was crashing my learning models with all the extensions I just had to try. The Toolbar is limited to only one row, true, Mac window is very clunky compared to the other one. You have them both on a Mac, or seperate computers ? If so, good results ?

I think that stumpbucket was not aware of the Toolbars in the View Menu. That would be very frustrating if you were limited to only the right click, Customize Toolbar with it’s one row.



Perhaps you can show how to create a double row of toolbar buttons in the toolbar space at the top of the window on Mac. I can only get the one row as I indicated in my post.

It’s easy to make multiple rows of floating toolbars but as I wrote, you only get one row of buttons in the toolbar with Customize Toolbar.


Sure, there’s only one way, the same as you’ve done here, add toolbars from the Menu, resize the main window and save the Workspace in Preferences. As I said, it’s a poor second and, as I understand, it will take Apple’s lead to improve it. Lots of wasted toolbar space. I make some use of it

You are correct in that you only get one row of buttons in the toolbar in Mac. So the real trick is getting your rows of toolbars to match the main window sizes, your desktop shows thru any gaps, not the Mac we usually know.


You can’t use SketchUp 2017 on Mac under Parallels, because that only supports OpenGL up to 2.1, with no indication that will change to the necessary 3.0 or better in the foreseeable future.

Maybe some other Virtual Machine solution will do it … but not Parallels.

Earlier versions of SU should work on Windows under Parallels, as I believe they don’t need anything later than OpenGL 2.1 support, but you’d need to check the hardware and software requirements to be sure.


From what I can find out Parallels seems to be the preferred application even if it’s lagging behind in OpenGL.

Thanks for the advice.


Parallels is an expensive option if you buy it and the full priced Windows OS you need to run SU…

at least the second version of SU pro is now free, it wasn’t under Google…

If I was to ever want to use the SU Windows version again, I would buy a PC to use it on, and run nothing else on it…



Ive only just thought: Boot camp might work… but I’ve not tried that. It would depend on the Mac graphics card and Windows driver support for, I guess.


I spoke recently with an architect who runs ArchiCad on the PC side of Mac with Parallels, good results. It’s only version 10 so probably doesn’t require the graphics card that the current programs do. Still, buying the current MS & Parallels just to organize the toolbars ? I’ll just have to put up with the Mac limitations a bit longer.


Archicad requires OpenGL 2.1 whereas SketchUp requires 3.0.


If my health hadn’t retired me I’d still be using Archicad for the occasional set of drawings, but keeping up to date is expensive compared to Pro, and my upgrades to the iMac, both hardware & software, have make my AC version unusable.

I’ve just finished a full set of CD’s that I think compare very well with Archicad. I’m using Sketchup for the renovation permit drawings while I learn Sketchup. Not the recommended way to go about either one of those projects, and there were several tense times but the Forum bailed me out each time. Also the terrific selection of topics on uTube including

I have to say that this outcome, despite the yelling & pacing at times, has left me really pleased with Sketchup & Layout.


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