Toolbar Customising

Just downloaded latest SKU2017 and very happy with new parts. As I increasingly use more of the programme I need to have quicker access to more toolbar shortcuts at the top of the screen. I am slowly learning the keyboard shortcuts for some but I want to but put more icons at the top. When the toolbar is full it takes them of the side of the screen and out of view. Is there any way I can have a double row of icons, one below the other?

The second part is: it would also be great to have extensions in this toolbar rather than separate dialogue boxes.

Just drag any of the toolbars down slightly and it will form two rows.

On Mac there is only one row of tools across the top. You can customize the row to include only tools you want including buttons from extensions. Open the View menu and go to the last option at the bottom. Drag icons to or from the toolbar.

I would prefer it if other toolbars could be docked and if there was an option for a second row. Right now, the only way to get that is to switch to Windows.

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Oops I always forget to check the profile info for the darkside.

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not all Extensions will have their Toolbar Icons available in ‘Customise Toolbar…’ as it depends on how they are coded…

if any you want are missing, contact the authors and ask if their toolbar code can be updated to allow it…


I’m on a MacBook- doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

Yeah, I have done that but too many and the do not fit across the top - they go off to the side out of sight.

Cheers for the help there.

There’s an option for using smaller buttons but otherwise you have to use individual floating toolbars. Maybe there’s some buttons that could be replaced with keyboard shortcuts. Then you wouldn’t need so many across the top.

Yeah, thanks for the info. Seemed to have tried most things. Maybe on my MacBook I’ll have to stick a piece of cardboard across the top with the tools on, just so I could label them with shortcuts! A bit like having stick-it notice all around the screen .

If you force yourself to learn the keyboard shortcuts, you won’t need the card and you’ll probably find sketchup faster to use.

Thanks Dave. Ive already learned quite a few and it certainly speeds things up. And you are right - learn some more. Easy of course when you use them all the time I guess.