Toolbar- how to add more lines-mac

Hi, i download too much plugins and im trying to add all into the toolbar, but when the icons reach the corner makes a sing line this >>, and not a new line to add more plugins.
I would like to know how to make like 2 or 3 lines of plugins?

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So far as I know, this is not possible. The SketchUp developers programmed it to use that expand arrow thing, not to add more rows. You could submit this as a feature request if you feel strongly.

I have the same problem. I want the extension-tools in a second line on top. Since this thread is from 2015 - Is this somehow possible with V2019?

No. Nothing has changed with toolbars on Mac.

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oh, too bad.
Thanks for your reply!

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Also very frustrated with toolbars on the Mac. Where does the thinking come from? Is this a macOS programming issue? Has anyone ever made a plugin that manages all toolbar icons into one floating window that can be put on a second or third monitor?

Does anyone know where I can go to get involved in “pushing” on this topic so that it actually changes?


Try tool bar editor - Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

Saw that, but it is not at all clear how it even functions. Developer doesn’t provide any help docs or a website with video explainer. Soo…yeah. Thanks for the direction though!

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This seems pretty straightforward to me.


  • Menu Window → Toolbar Editor

  • Click the " + " button on the left to create a new toolbar . You can edit the toolbar name or remove the toolbar (" - " button).

  • Drag and drop items from the list of available buttons to the left into a toolbar panel. You can rearrange the buttons, move them into other toolbars or remove them by dropping them out to the right. Don’t forget to click the " Apply " button to save once you are happy with the changes. Not all changes can be applied immediately, some only on next start of SketchUp.

  • The list can be filtered by typing some keys into the search field.

  • Click the " + " button on the right to create a new button . You can then write your own Ruby commands or paste a piece of Ruby code that you found on the forums.

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perspective is everything i guess.

left side makes perfect sense…
right side…no buttons are available to start with. Why? So i search for an icon by what? name of extension, name of button? Tried extension name…nothing. Tried tool button name…nothing. Tried dragging them in…nothing. What now?

When I open the extension it shows all the available buttons from all my installed extensions.

Not seeing that at all… maybe I need to restart.

What version of SketchUp are you using? You haven’t completed your profile yet. It also shows you are using Windows 8.1, not Mac.

And maybe you do need a restart.

nope…restart changes nothing.

on a 2013 Mac Pro running Sketchup Pro 2018

DaveR…thanks for the note on my profile…not sure why I never got that done…but hey it’s there now.

UH OH! I just updated my toolbar editor, now I have the same problem, right window blank…

Must be a Mac thing. Has anyone reported it to @Aerilius? I expect if he knew about it he’d fix it.

Ya I messaged him.

No response from @Aerilius, its a 2018 thing, still works in 2019…

Oh well. He might be busy with actual paying work. :wink: