Transition from Circle to Square

People regularly ask how to go from a circle to a square and often the response is to suggest a plugin or hand stitch.
Here is a simple demo using the cardinal points to reshape a circle into a square.
Understanding the cardinals can drastically simplify your workflow.


oh wow, i did not know this. The softing on the side looks incorrect though.

Thanks for the post @Box.

So here’s the hand-stitch approach:


Nice one Box, SU still surprises me after 10 years…

Hello Box, a question for you if I may. I was just wondering how you were able to create your own custom toolbar? I found the option for Lay Out but not SU. Was it an option offered in an earlier version of SU that you could export to a newer version? It would come in handy for the lessened screen size of my laptop. I can only remember so many short cut key options. Thanks for your time…Peace…

You’ve been able to create your own toolbars since SU2013 I think.
Go View/Toolbars Use the new button to make a new toolbar, then use Ctrl drag and drop to put tools on it from other toolbars. If you acidentally drag a tool off one of the bars rather than copy it off, you can simply reset the toolbar in the dialog. This only works with native tools. Plugins need an toolbar plugin.


I have Sketch up Make 2016 and the menu down the side is not there all of the icons are on the top bar . . Like in 2015 version . . I would like to add it there on left hand side will this do it

Thank you Sir and I feel a little stupid now. As it is like right there and I never noticed it before!! I have missed more obvious trees in the forest before so at least I am consistent, thanks for the time and demo …Peace…

You can move and change the size of any of your toolbars, to the bottom or either side. Just left click on them and drag then release went you relocate. Clicking to the right of the red X allows you to re-size from long to a box … they are a little fussy but you will get the hang of it, check it out…

I can duplicate what you show if I have the circle be larger diameter than the square. But I can’t seem to get it if to work if the square is bigger than the circle.

use a larger circle and then scale it after the other steps are done…


I have been trying to learn how to do this on Mac. Do you know if this is only a option on Windows?

After reading this I’m thinking it is for only Windows at this time. Hope I’m wrong.

No. You’re right. Windows only. Your link leads to an article about LayOut, though, not SketchUp. You can customize the top bar on Mac, though.

i have tried a lot, but this is not working with me,


Please explain what you’re trying to accomplish, how you’re going about it and what happens when you do.

Thanks for quick response, i did it,

[quote=“RoohulAmin, post:16, topic:17065, full:true”]
Thanks for quick response, i did it,
[/quote] You did what ?
This is not helpful to other users with similar issues, or to those who are trying to help you !
Please be helpful.

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i was facing an issue, how to select only to move the circle edge,

[quote=“RoohulAmin, post:18, topic:17065, full:true”]
i was facing an issue, how to select only to move the circle edge,
[/quote]… and how did you resolve that issue ?
Others might be interested in your solution…

WOW! After three weekends I am starting to feel like I am getting there! I went from rectangle to with radius corners to Circle for the nose cone! Thanks for all the help I have found here!