Cannot locate Circle Tool

Hello, I cannot find the circle and the polygon tool.

If you are talking about the web version, since that is what you have in your profile, but you have not posted in the Web Category, you should find them in the popout menus on the left.

You can also download the desktop version. It has a nice toolbar that doesn’t hide tools, and with more easily distinguishable colored icons.

You can hit the shortcut key “c” for Circle on your keyboard.
See the list below for the standard shortcuts for the desktop version of SU
In case the conflict with the shortcut keys of you browser the wont work within the SU webversion

|Tool |Shortcut Key|

|Line |L|
|Eraser |E|
|Select |Spacebar|
|Move |M|
|Circle |C|
|Arc |A|
|Rectangle |R|
|Push/Pull |P|
|Offset |O|
|Rotate |Q|
|Scale |S|
|Zoom Extents |Shift+Z|
|Paint Bucket |B|

Many of the windows shortcut keys also work, like Ctrl z, x, y, c, v

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Many thanks to all of you for your help. Have a nice day.

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