Hotkey Display Suggestion

This is a rather simple suggestion that I believe can greatly help newcomers learn the hotkeys.

When you hover over a tool icon, a small bubble appears displaying the tool name, but not the associated hotkey. Adding the associated hotkey would help newcomers learn the tool shortcuts.

For Example: Changing the popup text for the paint tool from “Paint” to “Paint (B)”.

That’s all.

PS: Whats the shortcut for the “Search SketchUp” tool?

That is the questionmark [?]


Hey @stphnl329: we like your suggestion. As Gerit mentioned, the default hotkeys are available on look up through Search in SketchUp for Web. (Incidentally, the shortcut for search is “Shift + /” or “Shift +S”).

Considering that shortcuts really help people learn and speed up their modeling, we will probably take a look at how to surface shortcuts when we update our tooltips early next year.