Is there a hotkey for Select?


Does Sketchup come with any default hotkeys?
e.g. Rather than use the mouse to click the “Select” icon, how can I simply use the keyboard (much faster - particularly if cant be done with the left hand!).

It would be good to have DEFAULT hotkeys rather than ones I have set up myself so that there is no problem moving onto a different version / different PC etc.


Did you try the Space bar?


Space bar will do it for you.

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Perfect - space bar works - thanks :smile:

But where is this documented?
And what about the other frequently used left hand menu items (e.g. Erase, Line, Rectangle etc)

Have you visited the knowledge center.
e l and r

One easy place to find it is by looking at the menus. They show the default keyboard shortcuts. There’s also the quick reference card. As I suggested yesterday, you should spend some time in the Help Center on the SketchUp site.
SketchUp2016RefCardWin.pdf (455.6 KB)


What do you mean? I was hoping something helpful would appear in the mouseover text but no such luck.

Good grief! Open the Tools menu and read it! Look at the other menus, too.

Shortcuts all appear with the tool on the menu drop downs.

OK so the tools menu duplicates everything in the LH menu yes?

In my defence the Tools menu has yet to be referred to in the explainer videos. Just saying.

PS Either way, is there a good reason why the convention of putting keyboard shortcuts into mouseover text has not been followed by Sketchup?

What “LH menu” Do you mean the toolbar? Toolbars and menus are different things. The toolbar has some tools that show in the Tools menu. And some that show in other menus.

Why are you waiting for something to show you every last detail? Look around.

Sorry I guess the correct technical term is “Toolbar”. It’s the vertical bar containing icons at the left of the screen that that we are shown in the explainer videos.

Why are you being so aggressive? I am PC literate but I have fresh eyes. In relation to Sketchup, newbie eyes. You old hands don’t see this stuff. I am trying to help make Sketchup easier to learn. If you have a problem with that please explain why.

I’m not being aggressive. I appreciate your fresh eyes. The information is readily available but your comments show you are assuming these things aren’t there at all and criticizing the program. Your opening statement here clearly shows that you assumed there are no default keyboard shortcuts when in fact there are many.

Incorrect. Read again. I asked the question “Does Sketchup come with any default hotkeys?” This implies that I had looked but found nothing obvious.

Fwiw, I am into the 3rd explainer video and at this point no hotkeys have been mentioned. And no reference has been made to the Tools menu.

[Aside: Yes, all these things are obvious when you know the answer. However imho, they are not quite as obvious as they might/could/should be.]

Hi folks.

Being curious by nature, the first thing I do when I am confronted by a new software is to open each menu and sub menu, then explore each button on the main screen and those in all the dialog windows.

Two important dialog windows to explore are:

  • Preferences. This one controls parameters that apply to SketchUp whatever the model being worked on.
  • Model info. This one applies only to the model being worked on.

If you open the Preferences window you see an item labelled “Shortcuts”.

If you open this, you will see a list of all the commands and their associated key used as a shortcut. Scroll the list, there are quite a lot. Notice that, for some commands to become visible in the list, you must in the proper context.

This is where you can change the key associated with a command and add keys or key combinations to the commands that have none.

Just ideas.



@ship69 sorry about the confusion.
Yes, on the PC the shortcuts get listed properly.

On the Mac, the shortcuts listed on the drop down menu are listed differently than those keys set in Preferences/ Shortcuts. The keys that are set in Preferences/ Shortcuts work properly, and so do those that are listed in the dropdown. In otherwords, in the Tools dropdown, the Move tool shows Cmd+0 (command+zero) as the shortcut, but in Preferences/ Shortcuts/ Tools/Move is set to M. Both Cmd+0 and M work to activate the Move tool.

And you can export your program preferences to install on another computer - something else to look up in the help center…

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