Show hotkeys (and add more)

As far as I can tell, there is no way to figure out what hotkeys do other than just trying things randomly and seeing what happens. I’d love to see hotkeys when hovering over tools, like “Move (m)” etc.

Another good idea is to do like among others Gmail, and have a hotkey map available when you type question mark. That can show all kinds of things besides just the tools.

Lastly, I’d like to have more hotkeys. As far as I can tell, not every tool has one. Why not? In certain circumstances, you need to switch between tools that you almost never use regularly. For those times, it’s a pain to not have hotkeys. For instance, the Look Around tool.

Thanks for an otherwise great product! Loving the web version.

Hey @gorm: stay tuned for an update on this front. We completely agree that learning and using hotkeys is an important part of SketchUp. We have some work to do here, and some progress I hope we can share pretty soon.

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That’s great news! Thanks for the update.

Chiming back in: we pushed an update today that introduces a new way to search for and activate commands in SketchUp for Web. As part of this update, you can search for a given tool and see what default hotkey is associated with it. (You can activate search by clicking the search icon in the upper left of the lefthand tooltray, or by using the hotkey: Shift + /)

I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of tools that don’t have default shortcuts, but most of the core modeling do have a hotkey. There’s still more work to do, as we’d like for people to be able to customize hotkeys, too. Hope this helps you find your way around SketchUp better and also speed-up a little with hotkeys!

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Wow! What responsive development! (Or remarkable timing!) I really like this solution. Thanks a lot for adding it. And the ability to customize hotkeys sounds like a very good idea.


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Ha, in this case it was good timing (for you!).

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