Customizing Your Keyboard and Mouse in SketchupFree?

In Sketchup Pro, you can customize your keyboard and mouse, and setup hotkeys: Customizing Your Keyboard and Mouse | SketchUp Help

There are some tools I use a ton with hotkeys, and am curious about setting them up in the free web edition, but the only details I can find pertain to Pro.
Does anyone know if custom hotkeys/shortcuts are possible in Sketchup Free?

Keep in mind that SketchUp Free runs in a standard web browser runtime. It does not have the same priviledged access to custom driver configurations as a desktop app (on the positive side random websites can not mess with your system).

In theory it could use any shortcut that does not interfere with browser shortcuts. In practice there is no UI yet to set up and save custom shortcuts.

Since SketchUp Free does not support extensions and most built-in tools have already default shortcuts, can you give examples where shortcuts are missing or where you would benefit from custom shortcuts?

Not right now no but you can have shortcut actions in SketchUp Make not just SketchUp Pro.

This is the critical bit that I was curious about.
I can probably work out something using autohotkey or similar chrome plugin - but I’d rather use built in functionality where possible instead of coming up with band-aid solutions.

Thanks for the reply.

On a related note - is there an index of existing hotkeys/shortcuts for Free?
Someone put together a similar list for Pro: Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunatley I’m one of the many users impacted by the selection tool being unusable in Pro and Make (2017 & 2018). - Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow - #498 by fuzz.evans
So I’m giving the online version a try which fortunately doesn’t have this really stressful problem (not blaming Sketchup specifically, but it’s a serious hinderance to productivity either way), but now I’m trying to get the other bits I use in Make/Pro to work the same way in Online.

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