[Feature Request] Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing keyboard shortcuts will dramatically increase speed for many users. Also, there is a chance of marrying the beautiful, clean design with shortcuts to get even more productive. So what I would like is:

  1. Being able to use custom keyboard shortcuts
  2. See shortcut as tooltip when hovering over the tool
  3. MySketchUp has these beautiful tool-groups (different kinds of arc-tools, push-pull / follow me / offset, different rectangles / polygons). Hitting a shortcut repeatedly could cycle through these tool groups

3.1. One could have a “primary shortcut” which, when pressed once, will always go to one specific tool. Subsequent use of the shortcut will then cycle through the other tools in one group. Ideally the user could set this behavior via the “Cycle through tool group” checkbox for each shortcut individually…

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Thanks for the suggestions, Jakob- we haven’t built an interface for customizing shortcuts yet, but we’re clear about how useful shortcuts are to SketchUp users.

I especially like the notion of tapping a key multiple times to cucle through options.


Seeing that it’s been almost 1½ years since last time this topic was posted, got any info on if/when key shortcuts will be a feature of the online version?

The hardest part of this request is building a web service to store a profile for you. Once that is done, we have a place to store preferences, including your preferred set of keyboard shortcuts. Sorry it is taking us so long, we’ve had other features to build first.

I hope storing preferences is in the next update.

Here’s another vote for custom keyboard shortcuts. I’ve been using Sketchup for nearly 10 years now (I even designed the house I live in with it), and I have no desire to give up that much “muscle memory” to learn new keyboard shortcuts. Until it is added to the web version, I will stay with the last free desktop version (Make 2017).

What about being able to save templates in a templates folder?

You can do that now after a fashion. Set up a model with your desired “template” settings and save it to your Trimble Connect cloud storage or to the 3D Warehouse, or to a folder on your computer. Open that file first when you want to use the template.


… and immediately use “Save As” from the file menu to prevent any changes from percolating into your pseudo-template.


Like custom keyboard shortcuts, a custom collection of Templates requires us to support a set of preferences tied to your user profile. That’s the key piece of development that hasn’t been completed yet, though of course we’re releasing new features all the time.

I know that it can be frustrating to wait for what seem to be obvious features that aren’t hard to imagine or explain. Unfortunately, sometimes the infrastructure work on which these things depend can take longer than you’d expect.